Mindshift Zone, Inc. is a Minnesota-based company offering motivational keynotes, breakouts, seminars, workshops and dynamic training to businesses and organizations all across the globe. Founded by two men who share a passion for entrepreneurship, a love of marketing, and a burning desire to connect and communicate with people, Mindshift Zone is so much more than "yet another catalog of seminars." Here's why:

  • We're not just trainers who teach marketing and project management...
  • We're not just marketers and project managers who train...
  • We ARE experienced, savvy, and passionate marketers and project managers who ALSO happen to be experienced, savvy, and passionate trainers and speakers.

So who are these "experienced, savvy, and passionate" guys?  Let's meet them: 

Co-Founder Ricardo Ortizcazarin

A proven internet strategist and marketing executive, Ricardo Ortizcazarin is living proof that the American Dream is truly alive and well.  Born in Mexico, he received his bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Minnesota, and in 1998 he started Cazarin Interactive, a digital marketing agency in Maple Grove, Minnesota.  The business grew rapidly and in 2010 he bought a second digital marketing agency - the award-winning ecommerce agency Artropolis.  He currently serves as President for both businesses.

As an experienced speaker, author, programmer, sales and marketing executive, and business owner, Ortizcazarin has helped companies of all shapes and sizes take advantage of the world of possibilities the internet offers.  As his business expanded, he shifted its focus from building websites for mostly local companies to forming strategic partnerships with businesses all across the country.  In 2011, Ortizcazarin launched Cazarin's current flagship product - known as Marketing Fusion - in which Cazarin and Artropolis become an extension of the marketing departments of the businesses they support.  

In 2011 Ricardo hired Dave Durham to work with Cazarin and Artropolis staff on successfully navigating the "challenging path from good to great."  What he and Dave quickly discovered is that they are kindred entrepreneurial spirits with similar strengths.  It didn't take very long for them to realize the need for Mindshift Zone - and in October 2012, it became a reality.  

Co-Founder Dave Durham

With nearly 25 years of experience as a project manager, sales executive, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker, Dave Durham is one of the most experienced and sought-after speakers in the country.  Whether his audience is young or old, corporate or collegial, conservative or liberal, Dave has an uncanny knack for connecting to them, inspiring them, and motivating them.

After taking a company that makes ice (yep, ice) from an idea to a multi-million dollar business, Durham realized he could translate his considerable talents and experience in project management, sales, sales training, and customer service to inspirational and motivational speaking engagements - and thus in 2003, Dave Durham Seminars was born. Word of Durham's powerful ability to capture an audience spread quickly, and soon he was traveling the globe 50 weeks a year.

Durham speaks with passion, enthusiasm, and high energy. One of his strengths is his ability to capture and hold an audience from the first words out of his mouth to his final, triumphant story.  A true motivator (in the classic, Rockne-like sense of the word), Durham speaks with natural vocal variety and body language. And of course he infuses every presentation with plenty of humor.  Rest assured, he keeps his audiences on the edge of their seats.



"Dave Durham is the best keynote speaker we've ever hired. His passion, energy and enthusiasm are truly contagious. His stories are incredible and related to our company 100%. He ALWAYS makes a lasting impression on our employees, and he always gives way more than what is expected. He is simply the best at what he does!" 

 ~Robert Nikolai, Arctic Glacier International

"Our Division was looking for a motivational presentation. Dave Durham did not disappoint. Dave's enthusiasm was contagious, and helped to set the proper mood for the rest of our retreat. More than enthusiasm, Dave's presentation was educational in substance. It provided many thoughtful ways of analyzing, and thinking through, the various situations we all encounter in our everyday work environments. In short, Dave's presence at our retreat was both educational an insightful. We will utilize the lessons learned from his presentation as we seek to enhance the quality of our work. It is our hope that Dave stays in contact with the City of Chicago. We look forward to hearing about any future endeavors and adventures Dave has coming in the future."  

~Carlos J Montoya, Retreat Committee City Of Chicago

"Dave Durham did an extremely great job in both his Conflict Resolution workshop and Power Talk-Effective Communication keynote speech. I received many compliments from all attendees to the sessions and they were very impressed with Dave's professionalism. Dave is very funny along with being incredibly motivating.  He related to us and our industry very well. We will bring Dave back again. He is an outstanding speaker." 

~Craig Gibson, Mendota Insurance