Our motivational keynotes, breakouts, seminars, workshops, and training capabilities are limited only by your own imagination.  We've traveled, spoken to and trained thousands of people across hundreds of miles to businesses in dozens of nations around the world.  There's very little we haven't seen, heard, taught, led, or facilitated.  And if you happen to present us with a challenge we haven't yet faced, rest assured that our collective entrepreneurial spirit, savvy, and guile will guide our approach to the problem.

Mindshift Zone is proud to differentiate ourselves from our competition in three important areas:

1.  Our training programs are fully customizable. We don't deliver cookie-cutter seminars and we don't expect you and your staff to figure out how to translate our information to your business. We take the time to understand your business and uncover your needs - and then we customize our material to address your needs and demands.

2.  We train your staff at your site. Psychologists say that familiarity fosters better learning. So why ask your staff to drive to a different location, sit in an uncomfortable chair in a strange room, navigate the surrounding area at lunchtime, and use a strange lavatory when you can instead bring Mindshift Zone to your place of business, thus maximizing your staff's time, energy, and focus?

3.  We require attendees to pass a "material comprehension" test in order to receive a certificate of completion. The simplest way to ensure our students retain the valuable information you are paying for them to receive is to hold them accountable for it. Mindshift's "No Passing Zone" testing process, which has been described as "the impetus behind an industry revolution," does exactly that.



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