By visiting our site, you obviously have some idea of the positive impact that training seminars and workshops make in the workplace and have come to the right location! Off-the-shelf programs have their place, but when it comes to taking your organization to the next level, there’s really no substitute for the effectiveness of a live learning event.

Mindshift Zone provides you with a wide array of topics covering the problems that individuals, schools, companies and organizations face every day. Learn sound and trustworthy leadership lessons from our speakers who are management experts, motivators and entrepreneurs! 
Here are our most popular seminars right now... 
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Train the Trainer
Managing Difficult People
Clashing of the Generations
Dealing with Emotions Under Pressure
People Strategies, from Stress to Success!
Project Management Using Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Customer Service – All Business is People Business
Connecting with Someone in 89 Seconds or Less
Our keynotes, seminars and workshops can vary in length and format and are designed to be flexible to meet the time available for your group. Look over our topics, as well as your schedule, and let us work with you to make it happen! Can't find the course you need? Give us your vision and again, we will work with you to tailor a course to address those specific needs.
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Speakers subject to confirmation of availability • References are available on request