On site Customer Service Workshops, Seminars, and Training

Mindshift Zone’s Customer Service workshop is a full-day, comprehensive training program that covers customer service from an emotional intelligence perspective. Behavior styles are the foundation of emotional intelligence, and this training seminar will cover the most common styles.   Understanding behavior styles can be a giant help not only in our interpersonal relationships with family, friends, and coworkers, but also in our business relationships with current and potential clients.

You and your employees will never forget this powerful program. It will absolutely make a difference both in the individual lives of your staff and in your collective organization. This is truly your moment of truth in customer service!

As with all Mindshift Zone workshops, this seminar will give you hands-on take-aways that you can begin using immediately. And of course, every course comes with Mindshift’s “No Passing Zone” testing process that differentiates us from other training outfits.