On Site Emotional Intelligence Workshops, Seminars, and Training


Mindshift Zone's Emotional Intelligence (EQ) workshop is a full-day, comprehensive training program that will teach you how to interact, communicate and collaborate successfully with all types of people. Team dynamics depend on high levels of emotional intelligence so whether you are a team leader or a team member, our workshop will give you the skills, tools and strategies to help your organization function more effectively.


In just one day you will learn how to:


-      Improve relationships throughout your organization


-      Discover what drives people’s reactions as well as your own


-      Achieve great control over your own emotional reactions


-      Identify communication strengths and weaknesses


-      Problem solve like a “pro”


-      Interact more effectively with all personality types


-      Increase your own personal productivity


Once you put into practice what you’ve learned in our workshop, you will enjoy greater teamwork, productivity and success!


As with all Mindshift Zone workshops, we will tailor the training to address your specific needs! This seminar will give you hands-on take-aways that you can begin using immediately.  Every Mindshift Zone course comes with our “No Passing Zone” testing process that differentiates us from other training outfits.