Welcome to the “No Passing Zone”What is that? Well, we’re glad you asked! Businesses spend millions of dollars every year to train their staff. They look to workshops and seminars for 3 major reasons…

Continuing Education:
To learn something new and for those who want to expand on what they already know.
Personal Development:
To help attendees identify individual strengths and weaknesses as well as build confidence.
Motivation and Inspiration:
To take individuals, businesses and organizations from good to great with a healthier environment.  
When we get away from our desks and out of our offices, naturally our minds begin to wander. Even the most well-intended seekers of information fall helplessly into the trap for one simple reason… when there's no accountability, there's less focus. In fact, some experts suggest that only one-third of seminar attendees will still be "using what they learned in their seminar" two weeks later. If that estimate is accurate, businesses would simply be throwing money away when they send their employees to off-site workshops and seminars.
That is where Mindshift Zone is making the difference… by maximizing every minute and dollar spent in our seminars. Not only do we want to provide the training your company needs, we also want to ensure our students retain the valuable information! We believe the best way to do that, is our unique “No Passing Zone” material comprehension test that is tailored for your organization’s specific needs.  
Throughout the training session, we will continue to go over key points and then review them once more before the final assessment. When attendees pass this comprehension test, each will receive our “No Passing Zone” certificate of completion! We have found this has a profound effect on helping each participant transfer the knowledge and skills from our session and apply them directly to the workplace. In fact, Mindshift's "No Passing Zone" testing process, has been described as "the impetus behind an industry revolution”.
Intrigued? We hope so. Bring Mindshift Zone to your place of business and we guarantee your staff will learn and have fun.