Here are just a few of the companies that speaker Dave Durham has presented for...  

Lockheed Martin
The US Army; Ft. Campbell
US Coast Guard
US Federal Prosecutors; North & South Dakota
Vulcan Materials
Donaldson Corp
6th Federal District of Judges
Cazarin Interactive
Upsher-Smith Pharmaceuticals 
Mendota Insurance
City of Chicago
Arctic Glacier International
Fed Ex
New York Life
University of Wisconsin
ASPEQ Holdings

Polaris and many more.

While Mindshift Zone provides training and speaking services to businesses in dozens of different industries, we do have a special place in our hearts for two industries, in particular: Manufacturing and Property Management.


At Mindshift Zone we understand the needs and nuances of manufacturing companies.  We've studied the industry, built dozens of websites for businesses in the industry, and consulted with senior leaders at several manufacturing firms nationwide, all of which gives us a unique perspective into the training and motivational needs of these companies.   

  • In our Emotional Intelligence workshop, we will work with your staff to enhance communication and continuity between employees and consumers, wholesalers, & distributors
  • In our Project Management seminar, we will help you streamline the order-to-fulfilment process for your customers to ensure a shorter sales cycle

Give Mindshift Zone a call - we're confident we can inspire and motivate your staff to reach - and even exceed - its potential.

Property Management

You won't find a training firm more familiar with the unique needs of property management companies than Mindshift Zone.  This industry offers plenty of opportunities for individuals seeking a rewarding, challenging, and potentially profitable career in real estate. However, success requires more than simply attracting people to your business; in this industry, in particular, success is a function of attracting and keeping the right people.  Real estate is a cut-throat business.  So it's important that your team is aligned with your business' mission and that they have the interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence that are so important in the business of property management.

Mindshift Zone understands this industry.  In fact, we've customized our most popular seminars specifically for property management. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how Mindshift Zone can inspire your employees to become the best in the industry.