Businesses spend millions of dollars every year to train their staff. Seminars and workshops generally fall into one of three distinct categories:

  • Continuing Education: required courses necessary to maintain state licensure and certification (e.g., a course on variable annuity taxation might be a required course for a licensed life insurance agent)

  • Personal Development: seminars designed to help attendees get better at a certain skill, behavior, or trait - often because it is perceived by the student or others as an area of particular weakness (e.g., a middle manager who struggles with organization might be "encouraged" to attend a seminar covering tips and tricks for converting his chaos to order)

  • Motivation and Inspiration: workshops designed to galvanize teams and take businesses from good to great - or even better, from great to extraordinary (e.g., a small business on the brink of tremendous growth might need a motivational speaker to rally the staff to remain energized during the inevitable growing pains)

But if businesses are spending all that money, why is the insurance agent doing a crossword puzzle while sitting in the back row of his annuity class? Why do the middle manager's organization skills deteriorate within a week after his seminar? And why are the employees of the business on the brink of major success seemingly unmotivated when the rubber finally meets the road?

Simple: lack of accountability. Period.

It's just human nature - when we get away from our desks and out of our offices, our minds wander. We're "free for a day" and even the most well-intended seekers of information fall helplessly into the trap - when there's no accountability, there's less focus.

In fact, some experts suggest that only one-third of seminar attendees will still be "using what they learned in their seminar" two weeks later. If that estimate is accurate, businesses are simply throwing money away when they send their employees to off-site workshops and seminars.

And that is where Mindshift Zone comes in. We're different in three critical areas:

  1. Our training programs are fully customizable. We don't deliver cookie-cutter seminars and we don't expect you and your staff to figure out how to translate our information to your business. We take the time to understand your business and uncover your needs - and then we customize our material to address your needs and demands.
  2. We train your staff at your site. Psychologists say that familiarity fosters better learning. So why ask your staff to drive to a different location, sit in an uncomfortable chair in a strange room, navigate the surrounding area at lunchtime, and use a strange lavatory when you can instead bring Mindshift Zone to your place of business, thus maximizing your staff's time, energy, and focus?
  3. We require attendees to pass a "material comprehension" test in order to receive a certificate of completion. The simplest way to ensure our students retain the valuable information you are paying for them to receive is to hold them accountable for it. Mindshift's "No Passing Zone" testing process, which has been described as "the impetus behind an industry revolution," does exactly that.

Intrigued? We hope so. Bring Mindshift Zone to your place of business and we guarantee your staff will learn and have fun.


Here's our current seminar schedule:

We are currently offering two courses: Project Management and Customer Service.