Dave Durham is a motivational speaker who brings high energy, humor, passion, and excitement to every speaking and training engagement.  Specializing in guiding the transition from good to great, Dave is versatile, experienced, and inspiring.  One of his strengths is his ability to capture and hold an audience from the first words out of his mouth to his final, triumphant story. A true motivator (in the classic, Rockne-like sense of the word), Durham speaks with natural vocal variety and body language.  And of course he infuses every presentation with plenty of humor. Rest assured, whether it be a keynote, breakout or seminar, Dave keeps his audiences on the edge of their seats.

Dave is Versatile!
Regardless of your company’s size, staff experience, and business objectives, Dave will help navigate your transition from good to great.  He will motivate, inspire, and re-fire your employees into action for 2013, 2014…and beyond!  Whether speaking to 2000 people in a hotel ballroom or two people in a small business conference room, Dave has an uncanny knack for capturing and connecting with his audiences.  From senior executives of Fortune 500 companies to entry-level customer service reps at small start-ups, Dave’s message is accessible and relatable because he can match the tenor and tone of his audiences.
Dave uses Experience!
If your company is just starting up, if you are trying to propel a flourishing small business into the multimillion dollar revenue arena, or if your Fortune 1000 company wants to move from industry also-ran to best-in-market, Dave is your answer to the question, “How do we get from good to great?”  Since Dave spent 15 years in project management and draws on real life business experiences in his speeches and training, he has credibility in the eyes of his audience and integrity in the messages he delivers.
Dave is Inspiring!
Your people will leave Dave’s keynote, seminar or workshop energized and motivated because his energy and enthusiasm are infectious, his passion and excitement are contagious, and his training and storytelling are compelling.  Even skeptics (every company has them!) will feel ownership in their takeaways because Dave’s interactive, fun, and humorous keynotes and training keeps audiences engaged throughout the event, all the way back to their desks and offices, and well into the future.