The goal of Mindshift Zone’s motivating keynotes, training seminars, and workshops is to empower your organization to maximize its leadership and performance. Sure… generic, off-the-shelf training has its place but often, it’s just not enough. To really be successful, you need to invest in quality, service specific training that is tailored to the uniqueness of your situation. 

Our cutting-edge research, high-quality course development and in-depth experience are designed specifically to meet today’s practical business-skills training that is necessary to stay ahead.
To accommodate the needs of your company and the varying learning styles of your group,
Mindshift Zone employs a range of learning methods. 
·         We will help choose the appropriate courses and format for your organization’s needs.
·         We will tailor the content and delivery to supply training specific in addressing issues your team is facing.
·         Each of our courses are designed and timed for maximum efficiency and to cover all your learning objectives. 
·         We will incorporate interactive group discussions, role-playing and team activities to achieve collaborative learning while keeping things interesting and fun.
·         We believe an important part of any great training is not only to provide usable tools, but in teaching participants how to put those tools to use immediately in your environment.
·         Let us come to you! Save any hassles or inconveniences of travel and expense and we will bring our seminars and workshops directly to your organization. Or a convenient location near you. 
Give Mindshift Zone your vision for your training goals and we will give you and your staff training specifically tailored to tackle those challenges head-on with immediate results!
Contact us at (612) 735-6482 OR to make your next training not only effective, but exciting, fun and motivating!